Holding Space was created to improve the quality of life and death for those with a terminal illness and their caregivers by offering support to meet basic needs, connect with community and create meaning.

Potted trees and a circle of chairs in a sunlit room with vaulted ceilings and skylights.

Our home models shared housing where housemates share in informal, non-medical and social support for fellow housemates with a terminal illness and their caregivers. Housemates may share occasional meals, trips and outings, help with errands and the basic tasks of daily living and foster connections with friends and support networks.

We encourage others to explore this model for themselves and their communities by building and sharing knowledge, experience and resources to make dying and caring for loved ones at home a safe and comfortable experience.

We acknowledge that this beautiful land that we call our home was forcibly vacated of its original and rightful caretakers, the Iswa (Catawba) and AniKituhwa (Cherokee) people, who have cared for it for millennia and, through resilience and persistence, continue to do so despite generations of state-supported acts of removal and genocide.

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